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Warehouse & Transport
Find all your warehousing & lifting equipment here. Trolleys, pallet trucks, ladders, storage boxes, industrial crates, packaging supplies & more.
Enerpac Hand Pump P142
SGD 595.07
Enerpac Cylinder RC756
SGD 3,758.94
Enerpac Cylinder RC504
SGD 1,788.03
Enerpac Hand Pump P392
SGD 714.65
Enerpac Cylinder RC254
SGD 1,003.04
Enerpac Hydraulic Jack ( Hand Pump ) P77
SGD 504.00
Kio Electric Chain Hoist 500kg, 240v, Ch500
SGD 1,369.60
Drive Devilbiss Casalift Electric Hoist With Sling 18001BE
SGD 2,288.00
Zeca/Italy Spring Balancer 636 (with anti fall device) - 8kg to 10kg capacity, Travel 2500mm, INOX Ø 2.5mm
SGD 155.76
Kio Portable Lifting Hoist SK230 230v-230kg
SGD 993.92
Kio Portable Lifting Hoist GG1815B 230v-150kg
SGD 856.00
Kio Electric Chain Hoist 1000kg, 240v, CH1000
SGD 2,097.20
Stocky Manual Stacker 1500kg
SGD 1,932.00
Stocky Hydraulic Stacker 400kg
SGD 1,092.00
Stocky Fork Over Stacker S02-02-ES10F (1 Ton)
SGD 5,750.00
Maxiton Semi-electric Stacker CTD 1.5 3.5
SGD 3,231.00
Stocky Semi Auto Stacker Remote Control Without Battery - Sps10/3m-rb
SGD 6,216.00
Stocky Hand Winch Stacker 181kg
SGD 1,529.00
Stocky Shop Crane 2 Ton HSC-2000
SGD 540.00
Ezlift Manual Hydraulic Stainless Steel Lift Table Bss Series
SGD 3,342.00
Stocky Hydraulic Table Lifter Orange
SGD 1,197.00
Horme Narrow Aisle Self Propelled Aerial Platform FH0330
SGD 9,925.00
Ezlift Manual Hydraulic Lift Table Bs Series
SGD 558.00
Stocky Hydraulic Table Lifter HLT35EH
SGD 828.00
Stocky Drum Handler Single 360kg
SGD 840.00
Stocky Drum Dumper 350kg
SGD 1,134.00
Stocky Ergonomic Drum Handler 400kg
SGD 1,512.00
Stocky Single Drum Gripper 300kg
SGD 714.00
Stocky Auto Forklift Drum Dumper Attachment - ADDC300
SGD 3,360.00
Stocky Semi Auto Drum Dumper
SGD 6,342.00