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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
King's Low-cut Lace Safety Shoe KWS200
S$ 46.56
Otter Safety Shoe OWT900KW-R
S$ 111.60
Kings Work Shoe KJ424X
S$ 57.78
Kings Executive Safety Shoe KJ404X
S$ 61.20
King's Safety Shoe Low-cut Lace Safety Shoe KWS200
S$ 39.60
King's Low-cut Lace Safety Shoe KWS200
S$ 36.30
EVO®3 Mid Peak Wheel Vented White
S$ 23.00
Msa V-gard Safety Helmet Standard White
S$ 16.70
Workgard Safety Helmet Yellow
S$ 4.50
Non-woven Disposable Work Cap With Snood CN201
S$ 39.60
Quebee Spear Summer Cap Ce Navy Blue (with Company Logo) QB-BC-SC02SS-NB
S$ 28.89
Workgard Safety Helmet, Colour: White
S$ 6.00
Accsafe Elastic Strike Vest With Reflective Strip
S$ 3.90
Ace Safety Vest
S$ 2.00
Safety Vest
S$ 2.50
3M Night Safety Green Vest V10S2
S$ 12.85
Accsafe Safety Vest Yellow With Pockets VB4P
S$ 8.80
3m Safety Vest Yellow 8906
S$ 11.11
Ninja Gloves Maxim Dextec
S$ 3.24
Maxter Disposable Nitrile Gloves (powder Free) M
S$ 12.50
EN388 Safety Gloves
S$ 3.70
Quebee Examination Nitrile Powder Free Glove QB-OCPFNFK-EXAM (100pcs)
S$ 17.78
Ansell Tnt Nitrile P/f Glove 10 Boxes/Case 92-600
S$ 264.00
Ninja Nimaximc Maxim Cut 3 Razr Cr Gloves Nft BA2
S$ 13.44
Quebee Visitor Safety Spectacle Clear Lens QB-2048-CLR
S$ 2.40
Aces Coverspecs (clear) 1338-1
S$ 3.96
Makrite 1182 Safety Glasses (spectacle) (12 pcs/Box)
S$ 1.00
Quebee Safety Eyewear Phoenix QB-2101
S$ 6.11
Quebee Safety Harrier Spectacles Clear Lens QB-5400-TAIO-HC
S$ 4.68
Worksafe Kleanlens Cleaning Fluid, 16oz
S$ 12.00
Quebee Travel Restraint Lanyard System Kit C/W Inspection Cert
S$ 300.00
2ply Webbing Sling C/w Mom
S$ 33.60
1t X 2m 2ply Webbing Sling c/w Mom
S$ 32.40
Panda Elastic Reflective Belt Orange PD-637-STXB-OR
S$ 8.40
Webbed Sling 3 Tons X 2m
S$ 51.60
Toho Rescue Tripod - 200kg
S$ 710.00
Face Shield Multi Purpose Protective Face Cover
S$ 0.96
Polycarbonate Face Shield Flip Type
S$ 8.80
Worksafe Face Shield 110WSEFFM01
S$ 5.00
Worksafe Kleanlens Cleaning Tissues
S$ 8.00
Clear Face Shield c/w Bracket / for Helmet Use
S$ 5.50
Protective Anti-Fog Face Shield / Splash Shield With Sponge
S$ 2.60