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Safety & Construction
Everything you need for your next construction project. From Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), Construction Materials and other safety products.
Sy Corrugated Zinc Roof Sheet
SGD 18.00
Recycled Gunny Sack - (10 Pieces)
SGD 14.40
Sy Galvanised Iron Wire Mesh Panel
SGD 14.00
Sy Extruded Polystyrene Foam Insulation Blue
SGD 78.00
Sy Canvas Roll Blue/white
SGD 23.00
Construction Fine Green Safety Netting 1.8m
SGD 5.90
Pye Surface Joint Compound 5kg Pale Grey FISU-50
SGD 16.20
Sy Mould Oil Drum 200l
SGD 388.00
Pye Fix Cement Based Tile Adhesive 1kg Grey WAFX-10
SGD 3.60
Mapei Keraset
SGD 10.80
Mapei Keraflex Maxi S1
SGD 27.60
Mapei Ultracolor Plus
SGD 19.80
Pye Powderfilla Cellulose Filler White
SGD 2.00
Pye Wallfilla Ready Mixed Acrylic Based Filler White
SGD 3.50
Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy Adhesive 50 Ml Cartridge
SGD 28.00
Wessbond Wood Filter 500g Teak Wb-wf2205tr
SGD 2.90
Betex Water Based Wood Filler - 700gram
SGD 8.50
Wessbond Wood Filter 500g Natural Wb-wf2205nr
SGD 2.90
Jumbo Sand Bag -1ton
SGD 5.35
Gazebo/ Tentage for Outdoor Site 2mx2m- Blue and Red
SGD 80.00
Barricade Safety Tape 48mm (red/white)
SGD 0.80
Double Decker Bed 1990x900x1710mmx23.5kg
SGD 80.00
Test Cube Mould 150x150mm
SGD 34.20
Scaffold Swivel Clamp
SGD 2.50