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Wessbond Aquapatch Epoxy Putty 28.4g Wb-ap4

Model: WB-AP4

Product Details

Wessbond Aquapatch Epoxy Putty 28.4g WB-AP4

A one piece epoxy compound that can be applied above or underwater. It bonds permanently to a wide variety of materials like fibreglass, metal, wood, concrete, ceramics, glass, and many plastics. Wessbond Aquapatch is effective in patching low pressure leaking plastics leaks. It will harden in approximately 15 to 20 mins and can be shaped, filed, drilled, sanded, sawn, painted or even stained after final cure. It will bond tenaciously to damp, wet and immersed surfaces. Useful in patching broken tiles, leaking tanks, patching boats and can also be used as a wall plug to hold piping in place.


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