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Vistar Convex Outdoor Mirror

Model: VCOM

Product Details

Vistar Convex Outdoor Mirror

The versatile Heavy Duty Acrylic convex mirror is weather proof and ideal for driveways, parking lots and pedestrian sidewalk situations. The robust design is built to last and the specially curved convex mirror face is formed from optical grade 100% virgin acrylic and vacuum metalised from 99% pure Aluminum for a superior clear reflection with no distortion. Used in many industrial and outdoor situations where extreme weather is not experience, this outdoor mirror is easy to install and the fully adjustable bracket allows the mirror to be angled in the most effective position. (This smaller sized mirror is not reccomended for moderate speed traffic situations and should only be installed to view very low speed traffic or pedestrians at short distances).

  • Pure Reflective Coating
  • Vinyl Extrusion
  • Complete with J-Bracket for Mounting to Wall or Ceiling


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