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Vessel Hex Ratchet Screwdriver Set With 8 Bits

Model: 247023
Brand: Vessel

Product Details

Vessel Ratchet No.TD-6804MG Screwdriver Set with 8 Bits

The TD-6804MG high torque ratcheting screwdriver is designed for professional use. It features an accurate and durable 72-tooth precision gear which rotates 5-degrees with every “click” for a very smooth one-hand operation. There are three selectable drive positions that can be set to tighten (dial to the left), to loosen (dial to the right), or it can be fixed (dial in center) when using as a regular screwdriver. Other features include an oil resistant acetate handle, a strong magnetic bit holder, and a convenient bit cartridge that stores bits inside the handle. Ideal for automotive/motorcycle repair and maintenance, furniture assembly, after-sales service tool, DIY housework, and other general fastening needs.


  • Smoothly click feeling realized by rotating angle of 5 deg. and 72 gears
  • High strength accomplished by 2 nails supporting the ratchet gear
  • It can be used for final tightening work
  • The handle is made out of oil-resistance cellulose acetate resin
  • Easy to carry around with cassette type bit storage inside the handle
  • Stores 8 types of bits including HEX bit
  • Magnetic bits can be replaced with one-touch
  • Bit insertion part 6.35mm
  • Bits Ph No.1, No.2, No.3, Slotted 6 , A/F 2.5, 3, 4, 5 x 25.4mm


  • Brand: Vessel
  • Series: TD-6804MG
  • Product Type: Screwdriver Set
  • Number of Bits: 8
  • Shank A/F: H6.35 mm
  • Inner C/T: 5
  • Outer C/T: 30
  • Length: 177 mm
  • Width: 28.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.15 kg
  • UPC: 840921120407


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