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Trifield GM1-ST Dc Gauss Meter With Boot and Carrying Case

Model: GM1-ST
Brand: OEM

Product Details

DC Gaussmeter Model GM1-ST
Manufactured in the USA by AlphaLab, Inc.
For magnets (or DC Solenoids) 0.1 - 20K Gauss

The Gauss meter Model GM1-ST measures the field of even the strongest static magnet (to 20kG) down to fine resolution (0.1G). Features rapid turn-on and fast update. This model supersedes the MD1-ST, which had no auto-zero.

Product Description:

The Model 1-ST measures strength and polarity of magnetic fields up to 19,999.9 gauss. The sensor can easily fit in a .060 inch (1.5 mm) gap and is at the end of a 100 cm flexible cable. The sensor end can be bent if required for a variety of situations. Place the sensor on a magnet face to measure the field. With a resolution of 0.1 gauss, it can measure any tiny variation from magnet to magnet or it can detect if a given magnet has lost even a little strength. Bend the sensor in to a “L” to measure inside a DC solenoid tube. The 5 ½ digit display requires neither auto nor manual range change, making it easier to use than older style 3 ½ or 4 ½ digit meters. Turn on the meter and immediately begin reading fields (updates 4 times per second). There is no setup required, making this the fastest, easiest gauss meter available.

Available Options:

  • Detachable Rubber Boot (include)
  • Hard Carrying Case (include) 
  • NIST Traceable Certificate (not included)


  • High dynamic range 5 ½ digit display reads even the strongest magnets with 0.1 gauss resolution, including polarity.
  • Turns on instantly, updates four times a second, no setup or initial calibration required.
  • Auto-Zero (subtracts the present field from subsequent readings); also a fine offset control.
  • Offset range is the full +/- 19,999.99 gauss.
  • 1% accuracy at room temperature, including probe.
  • Probe and battery included.
  • Optional rubber boot and hard carrying case are available.
  • CE Compliant.


  • Measures all permanent magnets. (Maximum field of magnets is about 15,000, which occurs only with rare-earth magnets in a gap configuration.)
  • High resolution of 0.1 gauss over the entire range of +19,999.9 to -19,999.9 gauss allows detection of any variation in field from a magnet.
  • Measures inside DC Solenoids (probe is bent into “L” shape to measure this).
  • Sufficient resolution to map fields far from magnets.


1-axis DC Gaussmeter GM1-ST

  • Range/Resolution: 19,999.9 G/0.1 G; with polarity indicator
  • Accuracy: +/- 1% of reading (16° to 29°C); +/- 2% (-4° to 65°C)
  • Offset: Auto-Zero. Also fine offset (0.1 gauss resolution)
  • Probe (non-detachable): 1.5 (thick) x 4.3 x 24 mm
  • Meter Size: 5.2 x 3.6 x 1.6 inches; 132 x 91 x 41 mm
  • Weight: 8 oz
  • Battery: 9 volt alkaline (~ 40 hour life) / "Low Battery" indicator

One Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty by GMM Technoworld Pte Ltd


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