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Sealxtreme Repair Patch Srp

Model: SRP0508
Brand: SealXtreme

Product Details

SealXtreme Repair Patch SRP


  • Easy to use, fast installation
  • Harden to tough, durable waterproof finish in minutes
  • Excellent adhesion to iron, steel, stainless ­steel, titanium, fiberglass, aluminium, wood, ceramics, composites, acrylics, PVC, and most other plastics


A permanent, waterproof field repair to pipes, tanks, vessels, and container

Key Technical Data:

Tensile strength: 10,000 psi (703 kg/cm2)
Flexural strength: 19,000 psi (1336 kg/cm2)
Tensile elongation: 15-25 %
Hardness: 70 Shore D
Dielectric strength: 250 volts/mils


  • 5cm x 8cm Repair Patch SRP0508
  • 8cm x 12cm Repair Patch SRP0812


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