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Safety Jogger Hi-vis Yellow Polyester Knit Gloves Construhot (dozen)

Model: Construhot

Product Details

The seamless CONSTRUHOT gloves of Safety Jogger are designed for the more heavy duty. The polyester liner is provided with a heavy black latex coating. A big advantage is the yellow reflecting color for activities in environments where visibility is very important. (Railways, airports, road works…). Thick lining to increase warmth during work.
Special features: Thick lining for more warmth Yellow reflecting color for higher visibility in dangerous environments.

Application Areas: Road works, Construction, Railways, Airports, Farming, Rescue services, Cleaning Etc...

Special features: Thick lining for more warmth.

Quantity: 1 Dozen (12 pairs)

Standard EN 388 : 2016
These gloves are tested on levels of protection according to the following risks:

  1. Abrasion resistance ( 0-4 )
  2. Blade cut resistance ( 0-5 )
  3. Tear resistance ( 0-4 )
  4. Puncture resistance ( 0-4 )


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SGD 56.20
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