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Ryobi Industrial High Pressure Washer AJP-2200GQ

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Model: AJP-2200GQ
Brand: RYOBI

Product Details


· Long life of 600hrs for induction motor

· Pump oil can be refilled

· Water suction kit for water supply from tank

· Water is supplied faster thanks to air breeding valve

· Water-cooled induction motor (no carbon brush) which decreases motor noise by 50% with increased durability

· Nonslip spray handle with safety locking device for accessories and hoses

· Built-in self-suction pump kit with self-priming water suction function, allows suction from a bucket / tank

· 15m flexible high pressure hose with protective rubber sleeve enables wider cleaning jobs without moving the unit

· Hose guide

· Only 61dB


· Power rating: 1400 W

· Rated pressure: 80 Bar

· Max pressure: 120 Bar

· Rated flow: 5.0 litres/min

· Rated temperature: 0 – 40 °C

· Water temperature: Max 40 °C

· Max suction height: 1m

· Dimensions: 36.7 x 36.8 x 59.1(97.3)cm

· Nett weight: 17.80 kg

Standard Accessories

· Variable nozzle and turbo nozzle lances

· 15m high pressure hose on built-in hose reel

· 3m supply hose

· Suction kit

· Coupler

· Connector

· Extendable handle and storage


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SGD 738.30

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