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Resimac 103 Solvent Free Metal Repair Stick 125g - RES103

Model: RES103
Brand: Resimac

Product Details

Resimac 103 Solvent Free Metal Repair Stick 125g - RES103

Resimetal 103 Metal Repair Stick is a two component repair material in stick form which cures rapidly at room temperature after mixing. It is a metal repair adhesive which develops high mechanical strength in a short period of time.

Surface Preparation:

All oil and grease must be removed from the surface of the repair using an appropriate cleaner such as MEK. The material is suitable for application to manually prepared surfaces such as hand wire brush, sanding, mechanical grinding or wire brush. All loose material such as rust or flaking paint must be removed prior to the application of this product.

Mixing and Application:

The product is supplied in stick form and therefore the base and activator component are premeasured. Simply break off the required amount of material from the stick and using gloved hands knead the product until the black and grey components become a consistent mid grey. The product once fully mixed has a usable life of 3-5 mins at 20°C (68F°). Once a consistent mix has been achieved apply the material by pressing the putty onto the prepared surface.


  • Fast curing
  • Hard dry in 30 minutes
  • Bonds to metal & plastic surfaces
  • Rapid mechanical strength
  • No shrinkage
  • Drill, tap, file or machine Leaking tank seams


  • Worn or Damaged Pump Shafts, Cracked Pump or Valve Casings, Scored Hydraulic Rams, Worn Bearing Housings, Damaged Flanges, Leaking Tank Seams, Worn Keyways, Cracked Engine Blocks


  • Brand: Resimac
  • Product Type: Metal Repair Stick
  • Compressive Strength: 5000 psi
  • Flexural Strength: 3250 psi
  • Tensile Shear Adhesion: 650 psi
  • Cure Temperature: 68°F
  • Usable Life: 5 mins
  • Hard Dry Time: 30 mins
  • Machining and Light Loading Time: 30 mins
  • Full Loading Time: 1 hours
  • Immersion Time: 1 hours
  • Corrosion Resistance: Yes
  • Corrosion Resistance: Up to 5000 hours
  • Length: 1 cm
  • Width: 1 cm
  • Height: 1 cm


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