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Rectangular Step-on Foot Pedal Bin.

Model: PB
Brand: OEM

Product Details


  • Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) virgin material.
  • Comes in different sizes/ volume/ capacity.
  • Robust built. Cater to your everyday demanding needs.
  • Smooth inner surface for easy clearing/ cleaning.
  • Thoughtful design such as trash bag hooks to secure in place the trash bag lining during setup.
  • Leak-proof with it single/ seamless piece moulded body (bin), ensure no accidental leakages to clear.
  • Dark Grey only. Not so obvious when stained.

Model No./ Capacity/ Dimensions: -

PB30 - 30Ltrs Dim (mm): 410 W x 398 D x 435 Ht

PB45 - 45Ltrs Dim (mm): 410 W x 398 D x 600 Ht

PB68 - 68Ltrs Dim (mm): 504 W x 412 D x 673 Ht

PB87 - 87Ltrs Dim (mm): 500 W x 410 D x 820 Ht


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