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Ramset Trakfast 800 2.2ah Li-ion Batt Cordless Gas Nailer

Model: Trakfast 800
Brand: Ramset

Product Details

The Trakfast 800 is the most technologically advanced direct fastening gas tool on the market, offers a number of innovative features allowing quicker and secure installation of a wide variety of clips for plumbing, data and electrical installations. The increased speed and productivity allows the contractor to bid more competitively, complete the job sooner and move on to the next job. NO DRILLING, NO CORD, NO LEW, ONE TOOL – ONE-MAN OPERATION.

Substrates Concrete, Hard Concrete, Precast Concrete, Steel Pre-stressed Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Composite Steel Decking, Structural Steel Section, Solid Brick/Block, Hollow Block/Slab, ALC.

P.S Please refer to Page 4 of Spec Sheet for Pin Selection that is recommanded for your usage


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SGD 2,000.00
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