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Quebee Tripod Pn800 C/w Winch Pn801 20m

Model: PN800 PN801

Product Details

Product code: QB-PN-800A
Comes with additional central eye bolt along with the 2 anchorage eye bolts on the sides of the tripod head. The central eye bolt is attached to a pulley over which the wire rope of the winch can pass.
The Tripod complies to the requirements of EN795:2012 Type B / ANSI Z359.1:2007 and EN1496:2006 Class A /ANSI Z359.4:2007 as a system with winch PN-801A.
It allows making configuration with one winch and one self retractable block with hoisting facility PCGS-30R
It also allows making configuration with two winches simultaneously
Minimum breaking strength of the tripod is 23kN / 5000 lbs.
Anchorage eye at the center of the Tripod is provided to achieve uniform load distribution over the three legs which provide better strength with desired stability
Comes with all other features as in PN-800
Every Tripod is provided with inbuilt fixture for attaching our winch PN-801 (can be supplied without this fixture on special request)
Every Tripod is provided with Tripod bag PN-904

Weight: 15 kg (13kg tripod + 2kg chain)


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