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Potion Three Bed Bug Potion Pesticde 2l (non Toxic)

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Product Details

  • Potion Three provides quick relief to bed bugs attacks during sleep.
  • Rapidly knockout bed bugs before they can bite.
  • Extra knockout bed bugs before they can bite.
  • A new formulation that bedbugs has absolutely no immunity.
  • Characteristics of Bed Bug
  • Adult bed bugs are brown, flat and approximately a 1/4-inch long, with a soft, rounded look.
  • After blood meals they are dark reds, rounded (distended), and 3/8 inch long.
  • Bed bugs usually feed at night, but very hungry bed bugs are less likely to wait for darkness.
  • Bed bugs inject a fluid into their host to help them get their blood meals.
  • This fluid (salivary secretion) causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed, with welts developing, No evidence indicates they spread disease.
  • Usually a full-grown beg bug becomes engorged with blood in three to five minutes and then crawls away to hiding place to digest the meal.
  • It returns to seek more blood when hungry.
  • Adult bed bugs may go without food two to eight weeks, or even up to a year.
  • Usage Instructions:
  • Bed/Chair/Sofa/Couch treatment
  • Remove any detachable mattress / cushion.
  • Spray to cover all surfaces of the furniture frame.
  • Allow 2 hours for the pesticides to settle before putting back the mattress / cushion.
  • The mattress / cushion must be treated separately.
  • Apply as a light mist to the entire mattress / cushion, penetrating seams, tufts and folds.
  • Allow the treated surface to dry for 4 hours before use.
  • Do not sleep or sit directly on treated surfaces.
  • Make sure the mattress / cushion has been dried, aired out and a sheet put on it.
  • Active bed bugs are always difficult to be found.
  • They are tiny, moving always strike during sleep, and can be almost anywhere.
  • This bed / chair treatment will make your bed / chair ready for the intrusion of bed bugs during sleep.
  • Killing all the adult bed bugs is not enough, because they will leave behind enough eggs behind to re-infest again.
  • For bed bug complete control.
  • Repeated applications are always necessary before the problem can be brought to a complete rest.


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