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Npc Plastic Trolley NDT203

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Model: NDT203
Brand: NPC

Product Details

National Deck Truck has an easy handling characteristic that makes it useful and mobile in narrow spaces where forklift cannot be used. By attaching strong casters that enable 360 degree turn, NDT will move with the customers as if it reads the mind of the person handling it and the handle is designed for human.

Frame size can be adjusted for NDT203. The length of four sides for NDT203 can be adjusted to fit the size of the containers, which makes it more convenient.

Simple operation will adjust the frame size that makes it easy for anyone to use.

4 Wheels assembled but metal handle disassembled to avoid any damage during delivery.

  • Moves easily in narrow spaces
  • Made with special material that can withstand impact for less damages.
  • Bottom surface grill is specially designed for extremely heavy loadng.
  • Designed with consideration for human technology, it is easy to use and one won't easily get tired of using it for a long period of time.
  • It is convenience to use in a restaurant, warehouse, inside a factory or a market.
  • Work efficiency is improved with a double decked truck.


  • External: 550 x 345 x 339 mm
  • Loading capacity: 30 kg


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