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Morries MS13MBU Mosquito Buster

Model: MS13MBU

Product Details

  • 1. Exclusive UV-A tube with spectrum at 365nm for the high luring
  • efficiency than the normal UV-A tube in the market.
  • **Lamp type: 1X4W   F4  T5/BL
  • **Average working life of the tube: 8000 hours
  • 2. With on built-in DC suction fan for wind suction to mosquitoes
  • 3. ABS fire-resistant plastic material for high safety.
  • 4. With extractable collection box for easy cleaning.
  • 5. With micro switch for high safety use.
  • 6. Coverage: 50 square meters
  • 7. Suitable for home use, such as sitting room, bedroom, etc.
  • 8. Lower power comsumption,high efficiency, Non-toxic and Eco-friendly.
  • 9. Patent design.
  • Input Power:220-240V~50/60Hz


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