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Masking Tape Star 2000 MT-S1220

Model: MT-S1220
Brand: Star 2000

Product Details

Masking Tape Star 2000 MT-S1220


  • Backing : Crepe Paper
    Thickness : 0.14mm ± 5%
    Color : Milky
    Adhesive : Rubber Based Adhesive
    Heat Resistant : 70 ° C for 1 hour


  • MT-S1220 12mm x 20yds 144R/CTN
  • MT-S1820 18mm x 20yds 96R /CTN
  • MT-S2420 24mm x 20yds 96R /CTN
  • MT-S3620 36mm x 20yds 72R/CTN
  • MT-S4820 48mm x 20yds 48R/CTN
  • MT-S6020 60mm x 20yds 60R/CTN
  • MT-S7220 72mm x 20yds 72R/CTN

All sizes come with bulk discount already


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