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Mapei Adesilex P9

Model: AdesilexP9
Brand: MAPEI

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Mapei Adesilex P9


Interior and exterior bonding of ceramic tiles and mosaics of every type, on floors, walls and ceilings. Also suitable for spot bonding of insulating materials such as expanded polystyrene, rock and glass wool, Eraclit (wood-cement panels), sound-deadening panels, etc. Some application examples

• Bonding ceramic tiles and mosaics on the following substrates:

- Conventional renders or cement mortar walls.

- Interior aerated concrete block walls.

- Gypsum or anhydrite after having first applied Primer G.

- Gypsum board.

- Underfloor heating installations.

- Cement screeds, as long as they are sufficiently cured and dry.

- Interior painted walls, as long as the paint is firmly anchored.

• Tile on tile of existing with tiles up to 900 cm2

• Bonding small sized tiles in swimming pools and basins.

• Highly thixotropic; Adesilex P9 can be applied on a vertical surface without sagging.

• Perfect adherence to all materials normally used in building.

• Hardens without appreciable shrinkage.

• Extended open time.


Do not use Adesilex P9;

• On walls or subject to extreme or vibration (wood, fiber-cement, etc.).

• On metal surfaces.

• For installations that require an adhesive thickness greater than 5 mm.


Preparing the substrate

All substrates that receive Adesilex P9 must be flat, sound and free of any surface contamination, oil, grease, wax, etc. Cement substrates should not be subject to shrinkage after the installation of the ceramic tiles, therefore during spring and summer, renders must cure at least one week for each cm of thickness and cement screeds must have an overall cure time of at least 28 days, unless they are made with special binders for MAPEI screeds such as Mapecem or Topcem. Dampen with water to cool surfaces which have become heated from exposure to sunlight. Gypsum substrates and anhydrite screeds must be perfectly dry (max. residual moisture 0.5%), sufficiently hard and free from dust. It is absolutely essential that they be treated with Primer G or Mapeprim SP, while areas subject to extreme dampness must be primed with Primer S.

Preparing the mix

Mix Adesilex P9 with clean water until a smooth, lump-free paste is obtained. Leave to rest approximately 5 minutes and re-stir. Use 34-36 parts water for every 100 parts by weight of Adesilex P9, which is equal to 8.5-9 litres of water for every 25 kg of powder. Mixed this way, Adesilex P9 has a pot life of approximately 8 hours.

Applying the mix

Adesilex P9 is applied to the substrate using a notched trowel. Choose a trowel that gives coverage to at least 65-70% of the back of the tiles for internal walls and light traffic areas and 100% coverage for heavy traffic areas and all external works. To obtain good adhesion, spread a first thin layer of Adesilex P9 on the substrate using the straight edge of the trowel. Immediately after, apply the desired thickness of Adesilex P9 using a suitable notched trowel, depending on the type and size of the tiles (see “Coverage”). For external ceramic tiles and walls and when applying in swimming pools and basins filled with water spread the adhesive on the back of the tile (back-buttering) in order to ensure a complete coverage.

Installing the tiles

There is no need to wet the tiles before installing them. Only with very dusty backs is it recommended to dip the tiles in clean water.

Tiles should be installed under a firm pressure to ensure a good coverage of adhesive.

In normal temperature and humidity conditions, the open time of Adesilex P9 is approximately 30 minutes. Unfavourable weather conditions (strong sun, drying wind, high temperatures, etc.) or a highly absorbent substrate can reduce the open time even to just a few minutes.

It is therefore necessary that careful checks be made to ensure that a skin does not form on the surface of the spread adhesive, which should stay fresh. If not, re-freshen the adhesive by re-spreading with a notched trowel.

It is not recommended to wet the adhesive with water once a skin has formed because, instead of dissolving the skin, the water will form an anti-adhesive film.

If necessary, tiles should be adjusted within 60 minutes after installation.

Tiling installed with Adesilex P9 must not be washed or exposed to rain for at least 24 hours and must be protected from frost and strong sun for at least 5-7 days.

Grouting and sealing

Wall joints can be grouted after 4-8 hours and joints can be grouted after 24 hours with the MAPEI cementitious or epoxy grouts, available in different colours. Expansion joints must be sealed with the MAPEI sealants.

Spot-bonding insulating materials

For spot-bonding sound-deadening or insulating panels, apply Adesilex P9 with a trowel or a float.


Floors are ready for light foot after approx. 24 hours. Basins and swimming pools can be after 21 days. Cleaning Tools and containers should be cleaned with plenty of water while Adesilex P9 is still fresh. Surfaces should be cleaned with a damp cloth, before the adhesive dries.


Bonding ceramic tiles

– Mosaics and small sizes in general (trowel n. 4): 2 kg/m2

– Normal sizes (trowel n. 5): 2.5-3 kg/m2

– Large sizes, exterior floors (trowel n. 6) 5 kg/m2 Spot-bonding insulating material

– Foam, etc. approx. 0.5-0.8 kg/m2

– Gypsum board panels, foamed concrete: approx 1.5 kg/m2


Adesilex P9 white and grey are available in 25 kg bags. Manufactured in compliance with the regulations of the 2003/53/EC Directive.


Adesilex P9 can be stored 12 months in a normal environment in original packaging.


Contains cement that when in contact with sweat or other body fluids produces an irritant alkaline reaction and allergic reactions to those predisposed. Use protective gloves and goggles. For further information, consult the Safety Data Sheet.



Although the technical details and recommendations contained in this product report correspond to the best of our knowledge and experience, all of the above information must, in every case, be taken as merely indicative and subject to confirmation after long-term practical applications: for this reason, anyone who intends to use the product must ensure beforehand that it is suitable for the envisaged application: in every case, the user alone is fully responsible for any consequences deriving from the use of the product.


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