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Ktg Steel Toe Sports Safety Work Shoes / Boots Model Ss15 - Black Reflective Stripe

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Model: SS15 Option 1 (Black Reflective Stripe)
Brand: KaiTheGent

Product Details

Featuring distinctive black reflective stripes on the sides of the shoes, Model SS15 is THE Answer to what every safety shoes wearer wants - style, comfort, lightweight AND protection! Show this to whoever tells you safety shoes need to look ugly to be useful!

Steel Toe Cap provides protection for laboratory / logistics work, electrician or even plumber!

Steel Insole to prevent sole piercing!

Kevlar Knitted Mesh Top ensuring air circulation & stretchability for the feet!

Anti-Slipping Thick Rubber Sole! 

Featherweight - 500g per side! 

Delivery Lead Time: 8 - 10 working days


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