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Just Stick Insect Box (non Toxic)

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Brand: OEM

Product Details

  • ENTA Just Stick en Box is ready to use and contains a natural attractant to trap house flies, blue bottles flies, flesh flies, fruit flies, biting midges, mosquitoes and most types of annoying flying insects.
  • Safe for use in Homes, Restaurants, Pet Shops, BBQ Pits, Offices, Retail Stores, Public Health Centers, Schools, Food Serving and Food Preparation Area, Hospitals, Hawker Stalls and etc.
  • For best results, hang or place the Just Stick en Insect Box near lightings, windows or door entrances and it would attract any Insects attempting to fly into your premises.
  • The interior surface of the ENTA Just Stick en Insect Box contains specially formulated slow drying sticky glue, which can last for months.
  • Coupled with natural insect aroma, it is simply irresistible for insects to stop by.
  • For maximum efficiency, replace ENTA Just Stick en Insect Box when its sticky glue surface is full of insects.
  • If the sticky glue accidentally gets into contact with your skin, apply cooking oil immediately to dissolve the glue and wash away with soap and water.


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