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Hikoki 18v Li-ion Impact Driver, WH18DBDL

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Model: WH18DBDL
Brand: Hikoki

Product Details

  • 18V and max torque: 160Nm (1,420in.-lbs)
  • Hitachi's efficient brushless motor works approx. 55% more than our conventional brushed DC motor per battery charge
  • Easy to adjust to drive small screws by 3 devices: Electronic switch, Selective 4-stage to limit no load speed (900/1,400/2,000/2,600/min.) and Selective striking mode (Single or Continuous)
  • High capacity 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery provides longer runtime per charge than 3.0 Lithium-ion battery
  • Two combinations of battery and charger*
  • Slide Lithium-ion battery BSL1840 (4.0Ah) or BSL1830 (3.0Ah), and charger UC18YRSL
  • [Charging time: Approx. 60min. (BSL1840) / 45min. (BSL1830)]
  • LED light on body
  • Remaining battery indicator lamp


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