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Folding Pole Stretcher

Model: Folding Pole Stretcher
Brand: Others

Product Details

Foldable Pole Stretcher is lightweight and sturdy.

It is made of heavy-duty aluminium poles for easy handling and heavy-duty polyester fibre oxford cloth, vinyl-coated oxford covers that resist stains, blood and bodily fluids. Rugged spreader bars and legs that provide support. Non-slip handgrips enable rescuers to keep a firm grasp on the pole stretcher.

The Foldable Pole Stretcher can be folded up for easy storage and transport.

Includes two quick-release patient restraints. Comes with carrying bag.

Dimensions (when opened): 2080 x 530 x 150mm
Dimensions (when folded): 1040 x 170 x 90mm
Weight: 5kg
Max load: 139kg

Packing Dimensions: 1080 x 200 x 125mm ; Gross Weight: 5.5kg


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