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Fluke Vibration Tester 805 Fc

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Model: 805FC
Brand: FLUKE

Product Details

The reliable, repeatable, accurate way to check bearings and overall vibration.

Make go or no-go maintenance decisions with confidence. The Fluke 805 Vibration Meter is the most reliable vibration screening device available for frontline mechanical troubleshooting teams that need repeatable, severity-scaled readings of overall vibration and bearing condition.

What makes the 805 the best choice?
A meter – not a pen – that measures overall vibration as well as specific variables like bearing condition and temperature, to provide a more complete picture.
A combination vibration and force sensor tip that compensates for user variance (force or angle) yielding accurate, repeatable readings.
A four-level severity scale and onboard processor calculate bearing condition and overall vibration using easy-to-understand textual alerts (Good, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory, Unacceptable).
Sensor sensitivity can read a wide range of frequencies (10 to 1,000 Hz and 4,000 to 20,000 Hz) covering most machine and component types.
Straight-forward user interface that minimizes the user inputs to RPM range and equipment type.

Features and Benefits
Innovative sensor design helps minimize measurement variations caused by device angle or contact pressure
Consistent data quality at both low and high frequency ranges
Four-level scale indicates severity of problems for overall vibration and bearing condition
Exportable data via USB
Trending in Microsoft® Excel using built-in templates
Overall vibration measurement (10 Hz to 1,000 Hz) for acceleration, velocity and displacement units of measurement for a wide variety of machines
Crest Factor+ provides reliable bearing assessment using direct sensor tip measurements between 4,000 Hz and 20,000 Hz
Colored lighting system (green, red) and on-screen comments indicate how much pressure needs to be applied to take measurements
Temperature measurement with Infrared Temperature Sensor increases diagnostic capabilities
On-board memory holds up to 3,500 measurements
Audio output for listening to bearing tones directly
External accelerometer support for hard to reach locations
Flashlight for viewing measurement locations in dark areas
Large screen with high resolution for easy navigation and viewing

Use the 805 to check the following machine categories:
Chillers (refrigeration)
Cooling tower drives
Centrifugal pumps
Positive displacement pumps
Air compressors
Generic gearboxes (rolling element bearings)
Machine tools (motor, gearboxes, spindles, etc.)

What is Crest Factory+?
Crest Factor+ is a new proprietary algorithm (or technology) that takes the confusion out of bearing assessment. The original Crest Factor is used by vibration analysts to identify bearing faults. It is defined as the ratio of the peak value/RMS value of a time domain vibration signal.

A key limitation of the original Crest Factor algorithm is that it does not increase linearly as the bearing degrades, making it very difficult to determine the severity of mechanical issues. In fact, the Crest Factor can actually decrease as a bearing nears catastrophic failure due to large RMS values.

In order to overcome this limitation, Fluke uses a proprietary algorithm known as Crest Factor+ (CF+). CF+ values range from 1 to 16. As the bearing condition worsens, the CF+ value increases, ensuring the user is easily able to recognize the severity of the problem. To make things even simpler, Fluke has also included a four-level severity scale that identifies the bearing health as Good, Satisfactory, Unsatisfactory or Unacceptable.

Exporting and trending with the 805

Trending, or repeated vibration measurements kept in a spreadsheet over time, is the best method to track machine health. With 805 you can easily:
Export your result to Excel through USB connection
Trend the readings with the pre-built Microsoft® Excel templates and plot graphs
Compare the overall vibration readings to ISO Standards (10816-1, 10816-3, 10816-7)

Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter Includes:
Fluke 805 FC Vibration Meter
USB cable
Storage case
Belt holster
Quick reference guide
Two (2) AA batteries
Fluke 805 ES Sensor is optional.

External Vibration Sensor for the 805 Vibration Meter
The Fluke 805ES is an external vibration sensor that is ideal in situations for which it is either difficult or impractical to use the onboard vibration sensor tip of the 805 Vibration Meter. The 805ES allows you to take measurements in crowded or hard-to-reach locations, behind machine guards or enclosures, or in out-of-reach places where it is difficult to apply sufficient manual pressure to the 805 Vibration Meter.

Low-profile 90-degree sensor body allows the sensor to get into tight spots
Rugged, coiled cable minimizes dangling, while stretching to more than 7ft when needed
Powerful "U" shaped magnet mount creates a firm connection to flat, or curved measurement surfaces
Rugged, sealed cable connector with strain relief tail reduces cable wear 
Removable sensor magnet to allow for direct attachment to a sensor mounting pad, or threaded hole on a piece of equipment
Connects directly to 805 Vibration Meter SMB connector located in the heel of the meter

PerformanceMeasurement range 7 g pk (68.7 m/s² pk)
Frequency range 0 to 6000 cpm (0 to 100 Hz)
Relay 3A Form C 480 VAC
Relay (Contacts) (DPDT) Normally open / closed
EnvironmentalTemperature range (Operating) -13 to 140°F (-25 to 60°C)
Enclosure rating IP66
PhysicalSize (Width x Height x Depth) 4.35 x 3.30 x 4.35 in (110.5 x 83.8 x 110.5 mm)
Weight 2.5 lb (1.134 kg)
Sensing element Magnet
Housing material Aluminum alloy
Electrical connector Screw terminals
Screw terminal wire size 24-14 AWG (0.2 - 2.5 mm²)
Cable input 3/4-14 NPT
Mounting hole size 0.25 in (6.4 mm)
Sensing geometry Inertial element


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