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Dupont Chemical Protection Overalls TYCHEM-C


Product Details


Dupont Hazmat Suit (Hazardous Material Suit) is a high quality personal protective equipment (PPE) suitable for researchers, Hazmat responders, emergency toxic spillages and more.

It ensures that the user is well protected and provides a tight seal to prevent hazardous material from seeping in.

Features :

  • Protection against numerous inorganic chemicals
  • Resists liquid splashes up to 2 bar
  • Particle tight fabric
  • Biological protection-meets the EN 1426 requirements in the highest performance class
  • Protection against particulate radioactive contamination
  • Light weight type 3B protection
  • Garment design provides the right fit and ease of movement for the wearer
  • For applications where decontamination is needed: the fabric is resistant to certain commonly used decontamination substances
  • Does not contain halogen compounds, so can be disposed via standard means

Size Available

S, M, L, XL, XXL


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