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Britz Industrial Sockets XL200

Model: XL213-4 XL223-4 XL213 XL223 XL214 XL224 XL215 XL225
Brand: BRITZ

Product Details

Our Plugs and Sockets comply with the high quality standards requested when there is a demand for reliability and safety. Some are made of heavy-duty plastics (PBT), others of metal. Some have advanced features while others have a straight forward functionality. Perfect for demanding customers.

Safety is also very important. By choosing Plugs and Sockets you minimize the risk of short circuits. You also ensure maximum personal safety for anyone nearby or around your equipment. Different applications and environments require different products. To make your choice of products easier, we have categorized our range into three groups.


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SGD 5.20
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5 ~ 910%
10 ++15%

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