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3m™ Safety-walk™ Wet Area Matting 3200 (per Square Feet)

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Model: 3200
Brand: 3M

Product Details

  • Z-web design provides uniform foot support
  • Durable-won't flatten over time
  • Open construction allows water to drain through helping keep surfaces drier
  • Enhance slip resistance, helping reduce falls
  • Antimicrobial coating provides resitance to mildew, fungus and odors in the mat
  • Easy to clean: shake or wash off with a hose or power washer
  • Open construction allows easy cleaning
  • Antimicrobial coating for added protection
  • Durable vinyl construction
  • NFSI High Traction Certification

Z-web construction makes this a great choice for heavily trafficked pool, locker room and other wet areas. Z-web design provides uniform foot support. Open construction allows water to drain through, keeping surfaces drier. Antimicrobial coating provides resistance to mildew, fungus and odors in the mat.


Backed: No

Brand: Safety-Walk™

Color: Horizon Blue, Wheat

Color: Family Beige, Blue

Material: Vinyl

Placement Area: Pool/Locker Rooms

Product Type: Wet Area Matting

Quantity: Priced per square feet (as per 1 quantity), e.g. 2 square feet means 2 quantity

Recommended Industry: Automotive, Electronics, Food & Beverage, General Industrial, Metalworking, Military & Government, Military Maintenance, Repair and Operation (MRO), Transportation

Thickness (Metric): 10.3 mm

Traffic Type: Light, Medium

Width (Metric): 914 mm


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SGD 26.90
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10 ~ 195%
20 ++10%
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