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120 Litres 2 Wheels Bin C/w Recessed Center Step-on Pedal

Model: WPB120RCP
Brand: OEM

Product Details

120 Litres 2-Wheels HDPE Bin C/W Recessed Center Step-on Pedal & Hinged Lid

  1. Manufactured according to stringent European standard – EN840.
  2. Made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), which able to absorb shocks and resistant to common chemicals.
  3. Easy maintenance with smooth inner surfaces. Mounted with 2 rubber tyres for smooth & reliable operation.
  4. Easy & safe to maneuver with ergonomic anti-slip handles.
  5. Equipped with abrasion resistant stubs, that prolong the product lifespan.
  6. Lifting the lid while handling foodstuffs or soiled wastes is no longer hard work with the non-corrosive, recessed center foot pedal. Anti over flipping feature, keep the lid close and prevent pests such as flies, birds, cats & rodents from accessing the food waste. Thus, stop spreading of diseases by keeping germs & bacteria at bay.


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