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Polishers & Sanders products

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Top Brands for Polishers & Sanders
SGD 123.00
Ingco Lithium Angle Polisher
SGD 112.00
Ingco Lithium Angle Polisher
SGD 12.00
Parts for Bosch Polisher GPO12CE
SGD 99.85
SGD 87.00
Ingco Angle Polisher
SGD 312.00
Bosch Belt Sander, 350w, GBS75A
SGD 216.00
Bosch Polisher GPO12CE
SGD 6.00
Wool Polishing Pad
SGD 98.85
Black and Decker Car Polisher 254mm 120w KP1200-B1
SGD 61.50
Black and Decker Polisher 6" 600w KP600-B1
SGD 49.00
Ingco Finishing Sander
SGD 70.00
Ingco Lithium-ion Random Orbit Sander
SGD 6.40
Polishing Pad (Red) (5 Pieces)
SGD 55.00
Stanley Sander STEL401
SGD 97.25
SGD 180.00
Bosch Eccentric Sander, 250w, GEX125AE
SGD 97.20
Dewalt Palm Sander D26441-b1
SGD 70.94
Black and Decker Kp600 Car Polisher Waxer 5035048426807
SGD 10.79
Mr Mckenic Cream Polisher 8885000350766
SGD 93.73
Ryobi Sander S-550, 170w
SGD 89.90
Ryobi Sander, 190w, S350
SGD 107.00
Dongcheng Polisher, 1020w, S1P-FF03-180
SGD 107.00
Hikoki Random Orbit Sander, 230w, SV13YB
SGD 149.80
Ryobi Orbital Sander, 300w, Rse1250
SGD 167.00
Milwaukee 12v Li-ion Sander & Polisher M12bps-0 (bare Unit)
SGD 151.94
Hikoki Disc Sander, 705w, S15SB
SGD 160.50
Hikoki Disc Sander, 900w, S18SB
SGD 112.35
Hikoki Orbital Sander, 200w, SV12SG
SGD 128.40
Dewalt 125mm Random Orbital Palm Grip Sander DWE6423
SGD 79.70
Dongcheng Orbital Sander, 520w, S1B-FF-114X234
SGD 80.00
Dongcheng Polisher, 570w, S1P-FF02-180
SGD 214.00
Hikoki 180mm Sander Polisher, 1250w, SP18VA
SGD 310.30
Ryobi Sander / Polisher, 950w, PE2100
SGD 267.50
Ryobi Sander / Polisher, 1270w, Spe1810
SGD 337.05
Ryobi Belt Sander, 1150w, BE4240
SGD 304.95
Ryobi Sander, 350w, Su6300a
SGD 262.15
Ryobi Orbit Sander, 200w, S1200e
SGD 372.00
Mirka Pros 550cv 125mm Central Vacuum Orbit 5.0
SGD 254.50
Makita 7" Polisher 9237C
SGD 95.00
Bosch GSS 18V-LI Cordless Orbital Sander (bare Unit)