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Power Tools
The best electrical power tools and pneumatic air tools from the best brands in the trade. Find pneumatic air riveters, power drills and many more.
Toku Baby Hammer 19MM MH-5115
S$ 191.05
Milwaukee M12 Fuel™ 13mm Sub-compact SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer (2 Mode) (bare) M12 CH-0
S$ 381.11
Fuji Calking Hammer 51MM (round) FC-2Z-2
S$ 1,315.62
Milwaukee M18 Fuel™ High Performance SDS-PLUS Hammer (3 Mode) w/ 2 Units M18™ 5.0Ah Battery (kit Version) M18 CHPX-502C SA
S$ 1,086.15
Ac Demolition Hammer 5KG HM0810TA
S$ 420.00
Toku Baby Hammer 19MM MH-5111
S$ 191.05
Air Rivet Nut Gun Tool Set With Metric & Sae Mandrels
S$ 1,388.00
Ingersoll Rand Riveter-Offset Handle AVC12A1
S$ 1,638.00
Nippon Pop Pneu.rivet Tool 3.2-4.8 XT2(76002-00004)
S$ 2,655.67
Facom Riveteuse Pneumatique Y.135F
S$ 2,076.44
Nippon Pop Pneumatic Rivet Tool 2.4-4.0 XT1
S$ 1,681.49
Nippon Pop Rivet Stainless Steel 4.8MM SSD 64 Sshr
S$ 0.72
3M 2" Roloc Disc Pad 14212
S$ 34.50
Dynabrade Sander Dynaorbital Supreme Vac 5IN 56818
S$ 758.47
Dynabrade Air Belt Sander 15003
S$ 1,219.00
Spero-5" Self Vacuum Air Sander_15-906-02
S$ 165.00
3M 5” Hookit Clean Sanding Disc Pad 20353
S$ 62.10
Dynabrade Dynorbital-Spirit Non-Vacuum Random Orbital Sander, 5-Inch 59020
S$ 522.41
Proto 1/4" 90° Angle Insulated Die Grinder 0.5HP Motor 18500 Rpms 525AGAH90
S$ 270.90
Elora 5015 Angle Grinder 6 Mm
S$ 538.67
Fuji Angle Grinder 7IN 7600RPM FA-7E-2V
S$ 1,198.58
ACT-Air Angle Grinder 4"
S$ 120.00
Toku Angle Head Die Grinder MG-7236B
S$ 364.80
Fuji Angle Grinder 7IN 8400RPM FA-6C-6M
S$ 1,197.31
ACT-(AWR9201)1/2"dr. Insert-Snap Stubby Air Impact Wrench
S$ 180.00
Facom Ratchet Wrench 3/8IN V.910F
S$ 493.09
Boxo 68-Piece Bit and Socket Set
S$ 185.10
Aircat 3/8” Drive Vibrotherm Air Impact Wrench Model 1059-VXL
S$ 260.00
Facom Composite Impact Wrench SQ1/2 NS.1800F2
S$ 838.12
ACT-AWR9202K-13 1/2"dr. Insert-Snap Stubby Air Impact Wrench
S$ 220.00
Voylet - Air Spray Gun 77G
S$ 55.00
Makita Cordless Blower 18V*2 Lxt Bl Brushless DUB362Z
S$ 464.40
Voylet- Air Spray Gun 75S
S$ 45.00
Digital Cordless Air Duster 38000rpm Air Blower Keyboard Computer Cleaning Compressed Wireless Air Duster With Lcd Display
S$ 89.00
Voylet-Air Blow Gun (DG10S-3)
S$ 7.50
Voylet-Air Blow Gun 10S-1
S$ 6.50
Chicago Pneumatic Cordless Nutrunner CP8626CQ 6151570050
S$ 28,767.99
Ac Hammer Drill 16MM HP1630
S$ 120.00
Makita 10.8V 2X1.3AH LI-ION Combo Kit, LCT204 (DF330+TD090)
S$ 265.00
Fuji Heavy Duty Drill 22MM 480RPM FRD-23R-21
S$ 2,598.06
Makita 6412 Drill
S$ 120.00
Fuji Heavy Duty Rotary Drill 28MM FRD-28R-11
S$ 3,832.90
Einhell Stapler Pneumatic TC-PN 50
S$ 142.92
Selleys Liquid Nails 350GM
S$ 6.30
Cfc Tools Nailer Max NF235F/18 TA94213 14 X 13.3 X 4.6 Inches 5.15 Pounds CFFAC00164
S$ 702.65
Milwaukee 18 Gs Finish Nailer, 18V Cordless
S$ 640.00
Cfc Tools Jambro Staples Nails 1010F Box of 1000pcs (moq 5Box) CFFAC03693
S$ 4.00
Nilfisk Inline FILTER101X36.5X6KU NEP4 301002926
S$ 21.01
Beko Clearpoint M015 Filter Element-15(TYPE)
S$ 620.00
Toku Line Lubricator 2 Hours (310ML) PL-400L
S$ 488.85
Smc Filter Regulator 6 c/w Bracket & Pressure Gauge Manual Drain AW60-10BG-B
S$ 362.30
Wagner T453.03 Suction Pipe Filter 3811776
S$ 4.12
Beko Clearpoint M018 Filter Element-18(TYPE)
S$ 690.00
Facom Screwdriver Pneumatic 1/4" Hex Reversible 1800 Rpm Torque 13NM(9.5Ft/lb) Air Inlet 1/4"PTF V.610RF
S$ 789.00
Fuji Screwdriver Impact 6-13NM FW-44PAD-2 E
S$ 1,110.75
Facom 3/8" Impact Screwdriver NJ.260
S$ 180.81
Fuji Pulse Wrench Shut Off 4-7NM FPT-110-1
S$ 2,348.89
Fuji Pulse Wrench 3/8IN 44-76NM FPW-770S-1
S$ 3,499.63
Fuji Screwdriver Slip Clutch 6-12NM FD-5P
S$ 1,607.11
Toku TPB-40 Concrete Breaker
S$ 1,652.00
Toku TCA-7 Demolition / Pick Hammer
S$ 434.24
Toku TPB-60 Concrete Breaker
S$ 1,878.56
Toku Concrete Breaker 44.15MM TPB-30
S$ 2,135.36
Toku Concrete Breaker TPB-30 C/W Moil M4
S$ 2,205.77