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All your office essentials for your business. Find projectors, printers, shredders, laminators, stationery, paper products and other office products.
Pte Label Triangle Clip 100 Clips/box
SGD 0.30
Rapid No 13 Finewire Staple
SGD 4.40
Double a Silk Gel Pen 0.5 Mm Red (12's/box)
SGD 20.19
Binder Clip 25mm 48/pieces
SGD 4.10
Suremark Ohp Transparency Film Single Feed A4 0.1mm
SGD 10.20
Double a Silk Gel Pen 0.7mm Red (12's/box)
SGD 20.19
8294 Guillotine Cutter - A4
SGD 27.00
Slice Precision Knife 10580
SGD 18.00
Slice Pointed Tip Craft Blade 4 Pieces/pack 10519
SGD 8.75
Slice Safety Cap Craft Knife 10589
SGD 26.00
Suremark Cutting Mat A4 SQ8824
SGD 3.30
Nt Cutter Hand Cutter L-500GRP
SGD 13.00
Opp Tape Nikko OPP-N4830TE
SGD 0.40
Plus Correction Tape 5 Mm X 6 M
SGD 3.30
Scotch Desktop Tape Dispenser C60
SGD 5.90
Film Stretch Pallet 500mmx300mx3kg
SGD 15.00
Plus Refillable Correction Tape
SGD 1.50
OPP Tape
SGD 1.32
Zebra Sarasa Clip Gel Pen Jj15 0.5mm Blue
SGD 1.70
Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 Rt Refill
SGD 1.20
Zebra Name Pen Marker
SGD 1.10
Marvy Permanent Marker 400
SGD 1.30
Pilot Hi-tecpoint Pen V5 Retractable 0.5 Mm
SGD 2.20
Pentel Hi-polymer Eraser
SGD 0.50
Unicorn Tempera Washable Paint (pack of 6 Colors)
SGD 19.90
Pte Label Certificate Scroll Holder Red 33cm
SGD 4.00
Plastic Ruler
SGD 0.30
Play N Learn Stem 6 Experiments on Electricity Kit
SGD 19.90
Stainless Steel Rule
SGD 2.00
Play N Learn Science Toy 3D Wind-Up Puzzle Classic Fighter F-41B
SGD 4.90
Casio Calculator 12 Digit DX-12B
SGD 18.20
Casio Calculator 12 Digit MJ-120D
SGD 17.00
Fuzi Electric Calculator
SGD 10.00
Citizen Desktop Calculator SDC-868L
SGD 11.80
Aurora DT730 12 Digits Calculator
SGD 10.00
Casio Calculator 12 Digit AX-120ST
SGD 14.50