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Stationery Tapes products

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Top Brands for Stationery Tapes
SGD 1.32
OPP Tape
SGD 15.00
Film Stretch Pallet 500mmx300mx3kg
SGD 1.50
Plus Refillable Correction Tape
SGD 16.50
Self Adhesive Film - Sticky Sheet / Clear - (不干胶-透明贴)
SGD 5.90
Scotch Desktop Tape Dispenser C60
SGD 0.40
Opp Tape Nikko OPP-N4830TE
SGD 3.30
Plus Correction Tape 5 Mm X 6 M
SGD 89.90
Open Brand Jumbo Tape Dispenser - Td2000 (胶纸架-工业用)
SGD 12.40
Casio Label Tape
SGD 0.60
Scotch 500 Transparent Tape
SGD 3.30
Pte Label Handy Tape Dispenser 5cm
SGD 0.50
Masking Tape Star 2000 MT-S1220
SGD 39.00
G&g Tze-251 24mm Black-on-white (brother)
SGD 0.60
2" Cloth Tape
SGD 0.60
Star Cloth Tape CLT-S2K2407BE
SGD 2.40
Blu Tack / Bostik - Value Pack - L (蓝宝贴-蓝丁胶)
SGD 40.10
Brother Continuous Length Tape DK22205
SGD 2.20
Okamoto Carpet Tape CT-OK1315
SGD 90.00
Opp Tape - Packing - Clear - Adhesive - (包装透明胶带)
SGD 0.70
Star Insulation Tape IT-S1910R 19mm X 10Y
SGD 176.00
Jupiter Cloth Tape
SGD 30.80
Brother Tze-241 18mm Tape Black-on-white
SGD 0.80
Stick & Bond Cloth Tape
SGD 1.50
Jupiter Opp Tape Opp-j4845be
SGD 12.00
Sl Neon Yellow Reflective Tape 48mm X 5m
SGD 9.90
Tape Polyester Double Side - Clear - (双面透明胶带)
SGD 3.60
Bostik Sticky Dots 210399 Removable 64's Clear
SGD 30.80
Brother Tze-141 18mm Tape Black-on-clear
SGD 39.90
Velcro Fasteners Tape - Hook N Loop - (子母贴-魔术贴)
SGD 2.20
Bostik Blu Tack Blue 45gm / 75gm
SGD 6.05
Loytape Cellulose Tape 24mmx25yards Ct-l2425db
SGD 86.40
Packing Tape - Crystal Clear-super Stick - (包装透明胶带)
SGD 0.30
Star Insulation Tape IT-S1910R
SGD 3.20
D-best Tape Dispenser No. 901
SGD 18.00
Tepra Cartridge 6mm X 8m Yellow
SGD 21.90
Tepra Cartridge 12mm X 8m Yellow
SGD 31.80
Tepra Cartridge 24mm X 8m Yellow
SGD 0.18
Nikko Stationery Tape ST-N1225
SGD 9.57
Pallet Strap Film Wrap (500mmx 3kg)
SGD 0.89
Giotto Glue Stick - White
SGD 14.00
Ta18-wrapping Plastic 20x300m
SGD 3.40
Scotch Heavy Duty Double-sided Tape
SGD 2.20
Double Side Tape 4.8cm X 1000cm
SGD 12.00
Correction Tape - Cover Tape - White - T180(修正带)
SGD 10.00
Ta18-wrapping Plastic 10x150m
SGD 8.00
Ta18-wrapping Plastic 6x150m
SGD 25.50
Brother Laminated Tape Black on White 12mm TZe-231
SGD 7.30
Scotch Clear Mounting Tape 2.4cm X 60inch 4010
SGD 48.20
Pte Label Velcro Tape 24mm X 25m White
SGD 17.20
Brother Mk Label Tape Black on Yellow 9mm MK621
SGD 3.80
Hunter Double Sided Foam Tape Black
SGD 11.92
3m Tape Kkd19 Acrylic Foam Tape Double Coated White 19m...
SGD 16.45
3m Tape Skh19 Acrylic Foam Tape Double Coated Grey 19mm...
SGD 7.61
3m Scotch Tape 2090-1e Painter Tape 1 Inch 51115036811
SGD 0.55
Inter Tape General Purpose Masking Tape
SGD 21.20
Brother Die-cut Label 2.9 X 9cm DK11201
SGD 15.00
Brother Mk Tape Black on Green 9mm M721