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Network Switches products

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Top Brands for Network Switches
SGD 2,050.00
Cisco Sg350x-24mp Stackable Managed Switch With 24 Giga...
SGD 2,200.00
Cisco Sg350-52p 52-port Gigabit Poe Managed Switch
SGD 2,690.00
Cisco Catalyst WS-C2960L-24PS-AP Switch
SGD 1,042.69
Cisco C2960X-STACK= Flexstack-plus Hot-swappable Stacki...
SGD 1,500.00
Cisco Sg350x-24p 24-port Gigabit Poe Stackable Switch
SGD 335.00
Cisco Sg350-10 Managed Switch With 10 Gigabit Ethernet ...
SGD 3,700.00
Cisco Sx350x-24f Stackable Managed Switch With 24 Ports...
SGD 139.96
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Rack-kit-t1 19,23,24 Inch and Ets...
SGD 4,500.00
Cisco Sg550xg-8f8t Stackable Managed Switch With 16 Por...
SGD 80.00
Cisco Sf110d-16 Desktop Switch With 16 Ports 10/100 Desktop
SGD 50.00
Cisco Sf110d-08 Desktop Switch With 8 Ports 10/100 Desktop,
SGD 460.00
Cisco Sg110-24hp 24-port Poe Gigabit Switch
SGD 700.00
(cisco Refresh) Sg350x-24 Stackable Managed Switch With...
SGD 213.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Pwr-ie50w-ac Ie3000/2000 Ac Power...
SGD 121.29
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg95-16-sg 16-port Gigabit Deskto...
SGD 265.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg250-26-k9-eu
SGD 10,057.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c3850-48f-s
SGD 172.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco C3850-4pt-kit
SGD 1,438.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350xg2f10k9uk
SGD 692.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf550x-48-k9-eu Switch
SGD 923.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c2960+24tc-l
SGD 432.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350-28-k9-uk Switch
SGD 1,113.09
Cisco WS-C2960CG-8TC-L
SGD 5,913.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350xg-48tk9eu
SGD 400.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c2960c-8tc-s Switch
SGD 160.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf110d-16hp-eu
SGD 2,373.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350-10p-k9-eu Switch
SGD 262.29
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf250-48-k9-eu
SGD 549.69
(cisco Refeesh) Cisco Sf350-24-k9-eu Switch
SGD 429.09
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-48-k9-eu Switch
SGD 934.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-48mp-k9eu Switch
SGD 934.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-48mp-k9-uk Switch
SGD 275.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg250-10p-k9-eu Switch
SGD 2,100.00
(cisco Refresh) Cisco SG550X-24-K9-EU-RF Switch
SGD 2,521.29
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c2960xr24tsi Switch
SGD 322.89
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Glc-te
SGD 735.00
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Glc-lh-smd
SGD 770.00
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg250x-24p-k9 Eu Switch
SGD 3,450.00
(cisco Refresh) Cisco SG350X-48MP-K9-NA Switch
SGD 870.00
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350-28mp-k9eu Switch
SGD 558.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-24-k9-eu Switch
SGD 437.29
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf350-48-k9-uk Switch
SGD 1,542.78
(cisco Refrsh) Cisco Sf550x-48mpk9eu Switch
SGD 271.09
(cisco Refesh) Cisco Sg250-26-k9-uk Switch
SGD 559.69
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg250x-24-k9-eu Switch
SGD 186.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350-10-k9-eu Switch
SGD 186.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350-10-k9-uk Switch
SGD 315.49
(cisco Refresh) Csico Sg350-20-k9-eu Switch
SGD 4,580.00
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c2960x-48fpd-l Switch
SGD 1,365.18
(cisco Refesh) Cisco Ws-c2960x24ts-l Switch
SGD 2,527.98
(cisco Refresh) Cisco WS-C2960L48PQLL-RF Switch
SGD 1,378.38
Cisco Ws-c2960l-24tq-ll Switch
SGD 3,862.38
(cioc Refresh) Cisco Sg550xg-24tk9uk Switch
SGD 1,464.18
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350xg-2f10-k9 Switch
SGD 1,538.29
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sg350x-8pmdk9eu Switch
SGD 1,350.00
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Isr4221-sec/k9 Switch
SGD 311.68
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf352-08mp-k9eu
SGD 153.49
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Sf352-08-k9-eu Switch
SGD 9,815.08
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c3850-12xs-s Switch
SGD 6,190.48
(cisco Refresh) Cisco Ws-c3850-12s-s Switch