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Hardware tools from hardware stores. Find yourself trustworthy hand tools for your next big engineering project, choose from local and international brands.
Orex Wrench Magnetic T Plug
SGD 15.10
Stanley Double Flex Socket Wrench
SGD 13.95
Boxo Double End Flexible Socket Wrench W/ Mirror Finish WR1912
SGD 10.20
A Plus L Socket Wrench
SGD 4.50
40pcs Socket Wrench Set (1/4" & 3/8")
SGD 9.57
Volcano™ 14mm T-type Universal Socket Wrench
SGD 6.00
Stanley Slim Line Combination Wrench
SGD 6.40
Wedo Combination Wrench Din 3113 Standard 40cr Steel
SGD 20.10
Stanley Slimline 9pc Combination Wrench Set
SGD 48.68
M10 Combination Wrench Matt Finish 34mm
SGD 19.50
Wedo Combination Wrench Din3113
SGD 2.08
Wedo Non-sparking Construction Wrench
SGD 93.37
Wedo Wrench Adjustable
SGD 4.60
Orex Auto Wrench
SGD 18.20
Boxo Paw Adjustable Wrench WR1513
SGD 26.00
Spero Spanner Trpt Fee
SGD 7.70
Chrome Vanadium Professional Adjustable Wrench
SGD 3.90
Wedo Wrench Adjustable
SGD 11.22
Wedo Ratchet Wrench
SGD 133.54
Gear+ 4in1 Ratchet Spanner Set, 3pcs
SGD 64.00
Swivel Ratchet Wrench
SGD 55.80
Boxo Reversible Ratcheting Wrench W/ Mirror Finish GWR2
SGD 16.70
Facom Ratchet Wrench
SGD 85.21
Elora Combination Spanner With Ring Ratchet 204
SGD 37.00
Boxo 30pcs Cup Type Oil Filter Wrenches Set
SGD 158.10
Oil Filter Wrench Two Way 63-102mm
SGD 11.30
Oil Filter Remover Pliers
SGD 45.00
Oil Filter Wrench
SGD 12.90
Wedo Non-sparking Bung Wrench
SGD 123.01
John Deere Oil Filter M806418
SGD 17.00