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Hardware tools from hardware stores. Find yourself trustworthy hand tools for your next big engineering project, choose from local and international brands.
King Tony Ribbed Flat Chisel
S$ 8.00
Boxo 13 Pcs Double End Flexible Socket Wrench, Adjustable Wrench & Chisel Set, 1/3 System Insert BX044-R2
S$ 121.50
Facom Wedge, non-spark 230 X 40 X 20mm WF230.40SR
S$ 174.69
Cfc Tools Chisel Wood C06-C50
S$ 3.59
Boxo 13pcs Double End Swivel Socket Wrench, Adjustable Wrench & Chisels Set w/ Mirror Finish c/w Empty Blow Case for 1/3
S$ 140.20
Cfc Tools Set Wood Chisel Blister Pack 4Pcs CS4
S$ 14.70
Facom Electric Pliers Set MOD. MT1
S$ 719.57
Facom Diagonal Cutter Plier Esd 417.SPE
S$ 207.01
Facom Drift Punch 8MM 249.8
S$ 22.18
Facom Drift Punch 248.8
S$ 25.06
Trusco Single Marking Punch Number 3MM SKD306
S$ 14.43
Facom Reversible Circlip Pliers 200MM 475A.20
S$ 164.18
Snap-On Soft Grip Dead Blow Hammer HBFE16-HBFE56
S$ 97.50
Hunter Milky White Bumping Nylon Hammer
S$ 20.50
Hunter Plastic Bumping Hammer 22MM 2001/2
S$ 10.00
Hunter Nylon Bumping Hammer 22MM 2101/22
S$ 13.60
Brass Hammer
S$ 68.00
S$ 27.80
Jetech Pin Punch 6PCS Set SPP-6S
S$ 28.00
Elora Drift Punch 264-120x10x2
S$ 6.50
Clip-On Center Punch 110mm
S$ 3.50
Facom Center Punch 140MM 257A
S$ 168.78
Metabo Centering Pin F/HM 70-100MM 26610
S$ 35.97
Proto Punch Center, S2 Steel, 3/8'' Hex Shank, 4.7/8''L, Black 413/8
S$ 12.14
Trusco Alphabet Punch Set 6MM SKA60
S$ 351.44
Trusco Number Punch Set 10MM SKB100
S$ 530.86
Trusco Single Marking Punch Number 3MM SKD300
S$ 14.43
Trusco Single Marking Punch Number 6MM SKD602
S$ 20.47
Trusco Alphabet Punch Set 8MM SKA80
S$ 460.18
Trusco Single Marking Punch Number 8MM SKD803
S$ 28.22