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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
304 Stainless Steel Milk/Boiled/Porridge/Household Soup/Baby Pot
S$ 13.93
Diamond Aluminum Foil 18"(37.5 Sq Ft)
S$ 3.52
Twobrew Customisable Minimalist Double Wall Glass Bottle 500ml W Bamboo Lid High Quality Tea Water Beer
S$ 22.90
Yuanyang Hotpot - Gold
S$ 68.00
Yuanyang Hotpot - Red
S$ 68.00
Alegacy Optima Iii Aluminium Non-Stick Frying Pan With Insulating Handle Ø8” / 20cm
S$ 20.78
Plastic Mug
S$ 0.65
Measurik Kitchen Scale
S$ 11.00
2 in 1 High Quality Pp Standing Kitchen Cloth Hanger & Sponge Holder/Dryer
S$ 9.90
Envon Slipguard Anti-slip Floor Mat Black 305cm
S$ 197.64
Wheat Straw Fiber Chopping/Cutting Board
S$ 8.00
Powerpac Ceramic Cooker 2000W PPIC880
S$ 68.00
S$ 12.80
Coffee Filter Bag 328
S$ 1.50
Food Grade Potato Masher
S$ 4.13
Tupperware Royale Palte and Bowl in Purple Colour ( Total 16pcs )
S$ 69.90
Kris Double Deck Dish Rack KS8149
S$ 150.00
[bundle of 50] Hgc Slider Zipper Storage Freezer Bags(ss) 12x8.5CM/14 Bags
S$ 2.00
304 Stainless Steel Frying Strainer
S$ 16.90
Chef's Sus304 Stainless Steel Multipurpose Onion Holder Fork Vegetables Tomato Potato Meat Slicer Guide Slicing Cutter Safe Fork Kitchen Utensil Tools
S$ 13.90
Multipurpose Non-blade Fruit Cutting Tool - Green
S$ 2.79
Chef's Professional Kitchen Meat Knife With Ergonomic Handle
S$ 19.90
Chef's Heavy Duty Sus304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Scissors With Wooden Handle and Safety Lock
S$ 18.90
Apex Holder Cut-off Tool Spring for 3.2 X 12.7 X 90mm Tool Bit - 633216
S$ 14.30
Chef's Sus304 Stainless Steel Kitchen 4-in-1 Knife & Scissor Sharpening System
S$ 32.90
Wedo Basin
S$ 196.08
Ecoco Multi-Function Cutlery Drying Rack
S$ 20.93
Toyogo Rect. Basin ID500-GRY (pack of 6)
S$ 28.80
Lulu Dish Washing Liquid 5 Ltr (pack of 50)
S$ 270.00
NMBVCR15NP 11/4" "norika®" Brass Chrome Plated Bottle Trap 35mm for Wash Basin
S$ 12.00
Washing Dish Detergent 1000ML
S$ 2.01