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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Korean Rainbow Nestable Food Grade Abs Kitchen Utensils & Bowl Set
SGD 25.90
Handylazy 2 in 1 Bowl System - Pink
SGD 7.80
Toyogo 9" Rim Plate(6pcs/pkt) As2409-6m (pack of 6)
SGD 40.40
Toyogo 14" Satay Plate(3pcs/pkt) As4014-3m (pack of 6)
SGD 75.60
Toyogo 8" Sq Deep Plate(6pcs/pkt) As6008-6m (pack of 6)
SGD 77.80
Safico Stainless Steel Round Bowl
SGD 68.50
Eco Friendly Paper Straw (biodegradable, Renewable, Non Toxic)
SGD 17.50
BD 6" Plate 6BP50
SGD 36.75
SGD 6.50
BD Chinese Spoon CS550
SGD 30.40
Disposable 3" Wooden Ice Cream Spoon 100pcs/pack
SGD 1.80
Plastic Table Cloth 70" X 70" (carton)
SGD 52.00
Safico Stainless Steel Square Menu Holder
SGD 15.80
Safico Stainless Steel Wine Cooler for 2 Bottles
SGD 83.40
Safico Stainless Steel Wine Cooler
SGD 51.40
Safico Stainless Steel Table Cleaner / Porcelain Insert Lifter
SGD 7.30
Safico Stainless Steel Table Number Stand
SGD 60.80
S/s Ice Bucket W/tong
SGD 40.10
Safico Stainless Steel Stand for Cd
SGD 184.80
Safico Stainless Steel Square Multi-level Riser
SGD 167.60
Safico Stainless Steel Induction Soup Station
SGD 399.90
Stainless Steel Induction Chafing Dish W/glass Lid
SGD 626.00
Safico Stainless Steel Bowl Stand (w/o Bowl)
SGD 74.50
Safico Stainless Steel Rest for Serving Item
SGD 34.50
Toyogo 3 Tier Catering Cart With Wheels 683 (pack of 2)
SGD 260.00
Safico Stainless Steel Round Service Tray
SGD 54.10
Toyogo Fast Food Catering Tray (l) 1435 (pack of 6)
SGD 18.80
Toyogo 3 Tier Serving Cart Diy 681 (pack of 2)
SGD 69.60
Toyogo 40cm Round Serving Tray 9016 (pack of 6)
SGD 16.60
Flexi Plastic 3 Tier Tray U-203 Black
SGD 20.00