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F & B Supplies
Kitchen equipment, disposable cutleries, food storage equipment & food catering equipment. Food-grade quality wares for food handling.
Lead-Free Crystal Cognac Glass 62.5Cl (6Pc)
SGD 30.84
Lead-Free Crystal Cocktail Glass 13Cl (6Pc)
SGD 22.43
Lead-Free Crystal Cognac Glass 40Cl (6Pc)
SGD 27.48
Lead-Free Crystal Champagne Glass 14Cl (6Pc)
SGD 22.43
Valon Wine Glass 25cl (6pc)
SGD 20.75
Lead-Free Crystal Wine Glass 12Cl (6Pc)
SGD 19.63
Decal Bamboo Children Chopsticks & Rest With Plastic Case 19Cm
SGD 4.86
Stainless Steel Chopsticks (5pr)
SGD 9.25
Bamboo Japanese Chopsticks 22.5Cm (5Pr)
SGD 2.06
Decal Bamboo Chopsticks With Bamboo Case 24.5Cm
SGD 6.73
Decal Bamboo Children Chopsticks 18Cm (2Pr)
SGD 2.62
Stainless Steel Deco (a) Chopsticks 22.8cm (5pr)
SGD 12.99
Safico Stainless Steel Toast Rack
SGD 69.00
Hyflux Dew Fruit and Vegetable Washer D818 8885003702265
SGD 441.02
Safico Stainless Steel Tooth Pick Holder
SGD 17.20
Safico Stainless Steel Table Number Stand
SGD 60.80
Safico Stainless Steel Wine Cooler
SGD 51.40
Safico Stainless Steel Table Crumber
SGD 18.60
Precision Brand Hot Melt Melting Pot 1 Quart/600w
SGD 1,917.00
Safico Stainless Steel Long Serving Spoon
SGD 17.20
Precision Brand Hot Melt Melting Pot 1 Gal/1250w
SGD 2,385.00
Precision Brand Hot Melt Melting Pot 2 Quart/600w
SGD 2,130.00
Safico Stainless Steel Round Hydraulic Induction Chafing Dish W/glass Lid
SGD 838.10
Safico Stainless Steel Double Wall Oval Shape Cooler for 2 Bottles
SGD 242.70
Toyogo 3 Tier Catering Cart With Wheels 683 (pack of 2)
SGD 260.00
Bamboo Serving Tray 36x24x2cm
SGD 25.70
Serving Tray 33x20.5x1.7cm
SGD 3.27
Bamboo Serving Tray D24.5 H2cm
SGD 21.96
Toyogo Round Serving Tray 9020 (pack of 6)
SGD 28.80
Toyogo Rect.serving Tray 1117 (pack of 6)
SGD 12.30