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Electrical Accessories products

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Top Brands for Electrical Accessories
SGD 7,560.00
Kapton Tape Master Log
SGD 3,465.00
Megger MIT515-UK
SGD 2,636.00
Schneider Ats48c210q Altistart 210a 400v
SGD 2,250.00
Howler 120db 24vdc P/no: Bexs120d 24vdc
SGD 2,210.00
Mtl-f312 12 Ways Megablock
SGD 1,600.00
Lovato Sdsi30415 30kw Star/delta Starter
SGD 1,500.00
Schneider Srv3ki Ups 220-240 298502
SGD 1,425.60
Megger 35873 Ct Kit
SGD 1,406.90
Leroy Somer Avr Model R438
SGD 1,050.00
Megger Mit410/2 Insulation Testers
SGD 870.00
Ghg2622304r0004 20a 4pole 2xm32 Safety S
SGD 830.00
Reed R5003 2ch Ac Current Voltage Data
SGD 740.00
Analog Digital Dual Mode Long Distance Professional Car...
SGD 710.00
Motorola Dmr Radio Station DM2600 Mobile Radio walkie-t...
SGD 680.00
Am72 Ammeter Ex Type 0-10/15a
SGD 676.00
100 Mile Walkie Talkie Motorola Communication Mobile Ra...
SGD 673.20
Megger 249005 Shunt
SGD 673.20
Megger 249003 Shunt
SGD 673.20
Megger 249004 Shunt
SGD 672.00
Long Distance Motorola Intercom Truck DM1600 Walkie Tal...
SGD 630.00
Dual Band Wireless Transceiver and Long Distance Powerf...
SGD 605.00
Telwin Battery Charger Computer 48/2 Prof
SGD 548.00
Omega Om-dvcv Current& Voltage Data Logg
SGD 500.00
Sd-2w 2 Wire Duct Detector 8"18" 24"tub
SGD 500.00
Super-duct Detector Nsi/3000 Kidde
SGD 481.50
Gys Chariot (trolley) for Gysflash 100-12hf
SGD 459.80
Telwin Battery Charger, Battery Starter Dynamic 320
SGD 450.00
Tyco 516.800.530 801phex Is Optical Dete
SGD 388.00
Magnet Copper Wire Class H
SGD 385.00
Oem Avr Automatic Voltage Regulator
SGD 370.00
Kriwan Int69 B1 Motor Prot 22a607
SGD 370.00
Nsi/weidmuller 9006450000 Pz50 Crimpling
SGD 360.00
Wireless two-way Motorola Long Distance Mobile Radio GM...
SGD 357.50
Telwin Battery Charger Doctor Charge 30
SGD 338.80
Telwin Battery Charger Alpine 50
SGD 320.00
410116 Weidmuller 387370 Stb2
SGD 312.00
Vistar Blower Duct 1000mm
SGD 308.00
Ceag Ballast Evg09218 / 22830218901 (old Pn. Evg05218
SGD 285.00
Notifier Model Fsm500k
SGD 280.00
Ceag Ballast Evg90236 (old P/n Evg05236)
SGD 266.30
410169 Weldmuller 144405 Pz6l
SGD 264.00
Megger 1008-022
SGD 260.00
Schneider Lv429670 Mccb 3p 100a Nsx100h
SGD 255.00
Snoop Leak Detector 8 Oz (box of 12) LKH-364
SGD 240.00
Sd-32x Surge Arrestor Card
SGD 228.00
Vistar Blower Duct 900mm
SGD 225.60
Motorola Walkie Talkie Consumer Radio Tlkr T8 (2 Handsets)
SGD 216.00
Kdk YU50X 20" Wall Fan With Pull String Speed Control
SGD 210.00
Potter Vsr-6 Flow Switch 1"sw
SGD 210.00
Wall Mounted Infrared Thermometer
SGD 204.00
Vistar Blower Duct 800mm
SGD 200.00
Tyco 516.054.011.y Mr601tex Conv Hpo
SGD 200.00
KDK YU50X 50cm Ind Wall Fan Alum Blade, Pull Cord & Osc...
SGD 184.80
Ceag GHG4101901R0297
SGD 180.00
Vistar Blower Duct 700mm
SGD 180.00
Weidmuller Junction Box Klippon Pok Series
SGD 180.00
Pn. 8010/2-01-ws Led Indicator Lamp
SGD 165.00
Ceag Ghg7910201r0003 Junction Box
SGD 153.30
Weidmuller Junction Box Klippon Pok
SGD 150.00
Japan Vilene Non Woven Felt