SGD - $
Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter 1009 (valid for Singapore Purchases Only)
S$ 60.00
Fluke 117 Electrician's Multimeter With Non-Contact Voltage
S$ 360.00
Fluke 115 Field Technicians Digital Multimeter
S$ 320.00
Hioki 3280-10F Digital Ac Clamp Meter
S$ 88.00
Hioki 3244-60 Card Hitester
S$ 60.00
Fluke Insulation Testers 1507
S$ 1,115.00
Vogel Laser Distance Meter 100m
S$ 131.00
Elora 1510 Vernier Caliper With Set Screw Measuring Range 150 Mm
S$ 81.70
Elora 1555 Precision Dial Indicator With Back Piece
S$ 124.53
Elora 1565 Universal Magnetic Dial Gauge Stand
S$ 179.93
Vogel Stainless Steel Ruler
S$ 5.00
Laser Distance Meter Digital 40M Laser Rangefinder m/in/ft Measure Tape Handheld Tool Usb Charging 1 X User Manual(english)
S$ 49.00
BW GasAlertMicroClip X3 4-Gas Detector (H2S,CO,LEL,O2) (3-years Warranty)
S$ 933.60
Teledyne Gmi Protege Zm Single Gas Monitor (O2) SC-096-3459-03
S$ 400.00
BW GasAlertMicroClip XL 4-Gas Detector (H2S,CO,LEL,O2) (rental by Per Week Only)
S$ 84.00
Gas Clip Mgc 4 Gas Detector MGC-IR-PUMP
S$ 2,018.00
Bw Clip Series Single Gas Detector (H2S,CO,SO2,O2)
S$ 313.30
Kestrel 2000 Wind Meter
S$ 128.09
Seek Compactxr Thermal Imaging Camera
S$ 480.00
Triplett Digital Light Meter Lux/Fc LT75
S$ 194.50
Seek Thermal Reveal Firepro
S$ 1,400.00
Clip-On Telescoping Inspection Mirror W/Led Light
S$ 22.00
Handheld 3.5 Inches 4-way Industrial Endoscope Camera
S$ 2,876.00
Seek Compact Thermal Camera
S$ 380.00
M10 Led Voltage Tester VT-140
S$ 2.25
Fluke TL75 Hard Point Test Lead Set
S$ 52.00
Kyoritsu 2010 AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter KEW 2010
S$ 475.00
Amprobe High Energy Tic Tracer Ãâ‚ã¢â€ã¢â“ Non Contact Ac Voltage Detector TIC300 Pro
S$ 547.00
Tietzsch Without Push Button SPB1000B
S$ 366.67
Hioki Card Hitester 3244-60
S$ 71.00
Zircon Metalliscanner
S$ 322.00
Vogel Testboy Magnet Field Detector, Non Contact
S$ 108.00
Zircon Multiscanner
S$ 126.00
Extech Magnetic Field Meter AC/DC SDL900
S$ 1,552.94
Cfc Tools Detector Metal Minelab GO-FIND 20 Search Coverage: 8 Inch Coil CFFAC03621
S$ 301.30
Bosch Multi Detector GMS120
S$ 250.20
Extech Magnetic Field Meter AC/DC MF100
S$ 1,112.84
Extech Rf Emf Strength Meter 8GHZ 480846
S$ 1,612.59
Elora 2440-ETM Electronic Torque Meter
S$ 10,788.32
Tenmars TM-197 Ac / Dc Magnetic Field Meter Gaussmeter Teslameter Data Logging (0.0~30,000.0G)
S$ 498.00
Extech Light Meter LT300
S$ 440.17
Extech Emf TESTER/TRIPLE Axis 480826
S$ 854.25
Eaglotest S323N – 3ph Phase Sequence Indicator (phase Rotation Meter)
S$ 158.72
Kyoritsu Phase Indicator 8031 (valid for Singapore Purchases Only)
S$ 125.00
Digital Tachometer
S$ 302.00
Lutron Tachometer Photo/Contact DT-2236
S$ 521.00
Kyoritsu Phase Indicator 8031CE (valid for Singapore Purchases Only)
S$ 145.00
Imrotaro 3.0 Digital Hand Tachometer (contact & Non Contact)
S$ 462.00
S$ 1,062.00
Elitech GSP-6 Digital Temperature and Humidity Data Logger Detachable Dual Probes -40℃~+85℃ Accuracy up to ±0.5℃ Audio Alarm
S$ 75.00
SINKYO IR950 Infrared Thermometer
S$ 95.00
SINKYO IR550F Infrared Thermometer/Leak Detector
S$ 60.00
Temperature Probe TP-01
S$ 16.00
Pro'skit Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer MT-4612
S$ 70.00
Druck Digital Pressure Gauge Intrinsically Safe - Dpi 104-IS
S$ 2,115.00
Bikeservice 2-In-1 Tyre Pressure Gauge
S$ 74.10
Ohaus Digital Platform Scale 150kg
S$ 1,071.00
Elora Combination Feeler Gauge 188MZ-25
S$ 22.67
Elora Combination Feeler Gauge 188MZ-25
S$ 49.00
Stauff 10" Level Gauge With Thermometer SNA254-BST-12
S$ 51.00
Sound Level Meter - Class 2 With Calibration Certificate
S$ 350.00
Lutron Vibration Meter VB-8220
S$ 870.00
Lutron Sound Calibrator SC-942
S$ 333.39
Sound Level Meter - Class 2
S$ 230.00
Blue Gizmo Sound Level Meter - BG325 With Calibration Certificate
S$ 270.00
Vogel Digital Vibration Meter
S$ 2,098.00
Go Tech Digital Bursting Low Press GT-7013-ADP
S$ 10,072.74
Spero- Brake Fluid Tester
S$ 400.00
Kolor Kut Gasoline Gauging Paste
S$ 10.50
Go Tech Dig Viscometer High Viscocity VT-06
S$ 10,556.94
Extech Carbon Monoxide Meter CO10
S$ 647.16
Extech Electrode Fluoride Module FL705
S$ 661.51