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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Kyoritsu Digital Multimeter 1052
SGD 368.00
Fluke Insulation Multimeter 1587FC
SGD 1,189.00
Fluke Digital Multimeter 113
SGD 254.00
Brymen Professional Digital Multimeter BM869s
SGD 327.10
Kyoritsu KEW 1019R Trus Rms Card Type Digital Multimeter
SGD 58.00
Fluke Leakage Clampmeter 368FC
SGD 1,168.00
Stanley Tape Rule (8me X 1) (30-656) 4715898200215
SGD 17.27
Bosch Glm 80 Laser Measure Measuring Range: 0.05 - 80m 3165140600811
SGD 287.85
Bosch Glm 50 C Bluetooth Laser Measure Measuring Range: 0.05 - 50m 3165140822923
SGD 271.40
Allways Measuring Tape
SGD 8.06
Ingco Laser Distance Measure
SGD 68.00
Irwin Magnetic Tip Measuring Tape
SGD 4.50
Tenmars TM-4002 Hot-wire Anemometer Air Velocity Meter With Temp & Humidity
SGD 498.00
Wall Mount Air Quality 3" Led Carbon Dioxide (co2) Monitor (390x292)
SGD 400.00
Bw Gas Alert Microclip X3 Multi-Gas Detector
SGD 968.00
Cem DT-900A 2-in-1 Formaldehyde Hcho & Tvoc Meter
SGD 390.00
Cem DT-8894 Cfm/cmm Thermo-anemometer With Infrared Thermometer
SGD 398.00
Navis Windy 6 Handheld Cup Anemometer
SGD 180.00
Reed R2100 Thermal Imaging Camera, 19,200 Pixels (160 X 120)
SGD 6,500.00
Therm-app® Md
SGD 11,880.00
Extech Lux Meter EA30
SGD 304.95
Therm-App THerm-app Th
SGD 3,200.00
Therm-app Therm-App HZ
SGD 2,900.00
Lutron Pocket Light Meter CD LM-81LX
SGD 78.00
Fluke Voltage Detector Voltalert 2AC
SGD 56.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2002R
SGD 225.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2127R
SGD 137.00
Kyoritsu Analogue Earth Tester 4102A
SGD 307.00
Kyoritsu Digital Clamp Meter 2055
SGD 210.00
Kyoritsu 3125a Digital High Voltage Insulation Tester
SGD 861.00
Zircon Studsensor Pro Lcd
SGD 79.00
Bosch Metal Detector D-tech 120
SGD 282.00
Bosch Multi Detector GMS120
SGD 153.00
Homelite Pro Stud Sensor-HP4050A
SGD 79.00
Stanley Fatmax Stud Finder S300 77407
SGD 56.85
Extech Magnet Detector MD10
SGD 24.08
Reed R8008 Portable Radiation Meter
SGD 1,500.00
Tenmars TM-190 Multi-field Emf Meter / Gauss Meter
SGD 215.00
Emfields PF5 Pocket Power Frequencies Meter (elf & Vlf) (20hz to 50khz)
SGD 260.00
Emfields PF4 Elf Power-frequency Meter (10hz to 2khz)
SGD 532.00
Cornet ED88TPlus Electrosmog Emf Rf/lf/elf (tri-mode) Field Strength Power Gauss Meter Datalogger
SGD 298.00
Alphalab Air Shipment Milligauss Meter (oersted Meter) / Nist Certificate (0.01-1999.9mg)
SGD 1,390.00
Cem DT-6236B High Accuracy Digital Contact / Non-contact Tachometer
SGD 90.00
Cem AT-6 High Accuracy Digital Non-contact Tachometer
SGD 90.00
Kyoritsu Non-contact Safety Phase Indicator 8035
SGD 224.00
Kyoritsu Phase Indicator 8031
SGD 100.00
Lutron Tachometer (Photo/Contact) DT-2230
SGD 215.00
Kyoritsu Phase Indicator 8031CE
SGD 103.00
Baby and Adult Non-contact Forehead Infrared Thermometer
SGD 100.00
Ingco Industrial Infrared Thermometer HIT015501
SGD 39.00
Non-contact Digital Infrared Thermometer | Forehead Thermogun | Quick Temperature Measure
SGD 82.50
Weekly Chart Paper for Isuzu Thermo-hygrograph
SGD 55.00
Gmm HTC-1 3-in-1 Lcd Digital Temperature and Hygrometer With Clock Function
SGD 25.00
Monthly Chart Paper for Isuzu Thermo-hygrograph
SGD 70.00
Ring Gage 62MM
SGD 545.60
GMM-FS550 25kg/1g Digital Electronic Postal Weighing Scale
SGD 40.00
National Weighing Scale N100 With Flat Top 100kg
SGD 321.00
Mitutoyo Dial Test Indicator,513-404-10E
SGD 126.50
Hokutow HCT-6+ Digital Counting Scale
SGD 708.00
SGD 109.30
Cem DT-8820 4-in-1 Digital Multifunction Environment Meter
SGD 180.00
Fluke 805ES External Vibration Sensor for 805 Fc Vibration Tester
SGD 2,008.00
Tenmars TM-100 Sound Level Calibrator
SGD 270.00
Cem DT-8852 Sound Level Meter With Data Logger
SGD 300.00
Lutron Vibration Meter VB-8200
SGD 683.00
Soundtek ST-109R Class 1 Integrating Sound Level Meter Data Logger
SGD 2,000.00
Water Check Now™ Basic Water Test kit
SGD 21.00
Ph-indicator Strips Ph 7.5 - 14 1.09532.0001
SGD 18.54
Water Check Now™ Bacteria Water Test kit
SGD 35.00
Water Check Now™ Advanced Water Test kit
SGD 49.00
Ph-indicator Strips Ph 5.0 - 10.0 1.09533.0001
SGD 21.74
Lead(ii)acetate Paper 1.09511.0003
SGD 52.64