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Electrical lightings, measurement tools, welding equipment, & other electrical components for every electrical engineer.
Close Comfort Personal Air Conditioner - No Need Water, Ice Pack or Exhaust Hose
SGD 635.00
Portable Air Conditioner SACN 6286
SGD 473.00
Sona 12,000btu Portable Air Conditioner Sacn 6218
SGD 412.50
Portable Air Conditioner
SGD 899.00
Tcl Portable Air-conditioner 20000 Btu/hr TAC-20CPA
SGD 1,540.80
Portable Air Conditioner
SGD 999.00
Kdk Air-curtain 3*8ft 2509UA
SGD 515.00
Kdk Air-curtain 4*14ft 14ELK
SGD 1,000.00
Kdk Air-curtain 3*14ft 14ESK
SGD 950.00
Kdk Air-curtain 4*10ft 10ELK
SGD 856.00
Kdk Air-curtain 4*8ft 08ELK
SGD 513.60
Kdk Air-curtain 3*12ft 12ESK
SGD 749.00
Kdk 3 Blade Ceiling Fan 120cm, M48SG
SGD 90.95
Kdk Ceiling Fan M11SU
SGD 297.60
Kdk Ceiling Fan Z60WS 150cm With 5 Blades
SGD 441.00
Sona Ceiling Fan 16" Sft 1523
SGD 66.00
Kdk 4 Blade Ceiling Fan With Remote R56SV
SGD 380.00
Kdk 3 Blade Ceiling Fan 120cm, M48SG
SGD 82.00
Kdk Ceiling Mount Ventilating Fan 20cm, 20CQT1
SGD 52.80
Kdk Ceiling Mount Ventilating Fan, 24cm, 24CUF
SGD 164.99
Kdk Ceiling Mount Ventilating Fan 32cm, 32CDG
SGD 385.20
Kdk Ceiling Mount Ventilating Fan 27cm, 27CHH
SGD 246.10
Kdk Ceiling Mount Ventilating Fan 32cm, 32CHH
SGD 411.95
Kdk Ceiling Mount Ventilating Fan 17cm, 17CUG
SGD 123.05
Relite Waterproof Industrial Fan Actionaire Ip55 Black 24"
SGD 540.00
Morries Wall Fan 16" MS-333WFR W/Remote Control
SGD 55.90
26" Industrial Wall Fan
SGD 60.00
26" Industrial Wall Fan
SGD 62.00
Toyomi 12'' Wall Fan With Remote Control - Fw3025r
SGD 74.90
Kdk Wall Fan 30cm Metal Blade, M30CS (pull Switch)
SGD 112.35
Panasonic Wall Mount Ventilating Fan FV-20AU9
SGD 53.50
Riding Gear Stand (with Duct Hanger)
SGD 355.00
Kdk Celing Mount Ventilating Fan, 38cm, 38CDG
SGD 535.00
Kdk Wall Mount Two-way Ventilating Fan, 20cm, 20RLF
SGD 114.00
Kdk Wall Mount Ventilating Fan 25cm, 25ALH
SGD 90.00
Legrand Axial Fan 36571
SGD 77.10
Vistar 12" Ex-proof Blower Fan
SGD 1,320.00
Soler & Palau Td-250 Exhaust Fan
SGD 248.67
VISTAR Portable Ventilator Fan (blower) 24"
SGD 360.00
VISTAR Flexible Duct
SGD 60.00
VISTAR Portable Ventilator Fan (blower) 10"
SGD 72.00
VISTAR Portable Ventilator Fan (blower) 12" 300mm
SGD 74.40