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SGD 462.00
Stocky Hydraulic Toe Jack 3 Ton
SGD 828.00
Stocky Hydraulic Table Lifter HLT35EH
SGD 198.00
Stocky Fork Assemble Trolley
SGD 540.00
Stocky Shop Crane 2 Ton HSC-2000
SGD 344.00
Stocky Narrow Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton - HPT-30NR
SGD 1,260.00
Stocky Manual Drum Carrier 350kg
SGD 357.00
Stocky Stainless Steel Trolley 3 Shelf Levels
SGD 1,218.00
Stocky Steel Platform Step Ladder
SGD 588.00
Stocky Work Tainer
SGD 278.00
Stocky Drum Trolley 500kg
SGD 1,386.00
Stocky Picking Trolley 500kg
SGD 1,932.00
Stocky Manual Stacker 1500kg
SGD 7,728.00
Stocky Semi Electric Order Picker 200kg
SGD 546.00
Stocky Steel Platform Step Ladder
SGD 550.00
Stocky Security A-frame Roll Container With Mid-shelf
SGD 378.00
Stocky Stainless Steel Trolley ST3/100A
SGD 307.00
Stocky Stainless Steel Trolley 2 Shelf Levels ST2/100
SGD 714.00
Stocky Roll Container With Mid-shelf
SGD 5,750.00
Stocky Fork Over Stacker S02-02-ES10F (1 Ton)
SGD 89.00
Stocky Step Steel Stool
SGD 609.00
Stocky Forklift Jack 65 4 Ton
SGD 700.00
Stocky Platform Ladder Trolley Lt-step Series
SGD 840.00
Stocky Steel Step Ladder With Wheel Rl35
SGD 1,197.00
Stocky Hydraulic Table Lifter Orange
SGD 1,533.00
Stocky Hydraulic Table Lifter
SGD 1,344.00
Stocky Hydraulic Table Lifter 350kg
SGD 4,032.00
Stocky Electric Table Lifter
SGD 2,100.00
Stocky Skid Lifter 1000kg
SGD 6,216.00
Stocky Semi Auto Stacker Remote Control Without Battery...
SGD 483.00
Stocky Pallet Trainer 1000kg Pt Series
SGD 618.00
Stocky Manual Drum Carrier 300kg
SGD 609.00
Stocky Hydraulic Toe Jack 8 Ton
SGD 504.00
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton Nylon
SGD 672.00
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck Low Profile 3 Ton
SGD 421.00
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton Narrow - Hpt-30nrn/n
SGD 643.00
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton
SGD 294.00
Stocky Tilting Drum Stand Blue
SGD 344.00
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck 3 Ton HPT-30SE
SGD 756.00
Stocky Board Trolley With Wedge Shaped Block on Desk Su...
SGD 891.00
Stocky Folding Work Table 500kg
SGD 840.00
Stocky Drum Handler Single 360kg
SGD 1,365.00
Stocky Drum Handler Double 720kg
SGD 723.00
Stocky Drum Picker
SGD 1,092.00
Stocky Hydraulic Drum Truck 300kg - Wa30b
SGD 6,342.00
Stocky Semi Auto Drum Dumper
SGD 1,134.00
Stocky Drum Dumper 350kg
SGD 1,512.00
Stocky Ergonomic Drum Handler 400kg
SGD 714.00
Stocky Single Drum Gripper 300kg
SGD 924.00
Stocky Double Drum Gripper
SGD 1,176.00
Stocky Manual Drum Dumper Attachment 680kg
SGD 3,360.00
Stocky Auto Forklift Drum Dumper Attachment - ADDC300
SGD 924.00
Stocky Forklift Jack 65 7 Ton
SGD 1,197.00
Stocky Hydraulic Pallet Truck 5 Ton
SGD 3,822.00
Stocky Stainless Steel Pallet Truck 2 Ton
SGD 1,218.00
Stocky Pallet Truck 2 Ton
SGD 1,529.00
Stocky Hand Winch Stacker 181kg
SGD 1,680.00
Stocky Manual Stacker 1000kg
SGD 1,092.00
Stocky Hydraulic Stacker 400kg
SGD 2,502.50
Stocky Stainless Steel Pallet Truck 2t Nylon Wheel SSHP...